Saturday, December 19, 2015

Little Blue Pill : Loss of Love

In an effort to improve things with my spouse I have gotten the little blue pill.

I brought it up over some sushi, I did not want to offend her with the idea of using it.  The trouble is, I have issues getting it up and keeping it up with her.  It is all psychological, not physical.  My doctor seemed to instantly seems I am not the only gentleman who has issues.

I could have kept it a secret, but I am no good at little secrets...only big ones.

When I told her she was a little flustered, she mentioned the shower scene that starts "This is Forty".  I get it, I should not need it.  Then she went on, she does not want hours and hours of sex.  It seems like it is a marathon every time.  I stayed silent and let her speak.  Then she said it, "I also wonder who I am being compared to in bed, I am never enough."

I understand what she is saying and how she is feeling.  I do compare her "performance" to others.  She has no one but me to compare to, on her side.  However, I have many.

Ideally it should not have to be a "performance", it should be love making.  It used to be.  I remember it well.

I stayed silent.  I do not know what to say.  The issue is not how hard my cock is, or how fast or slow I can cum.  It is not about a performance or any visual stimulation.

It is about the loss of a connection.  The loss of love.

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