Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fetlife message?

So, I am on Fetlife...

Not often at all, but I do like to go and see what the fetish community in the area is up to.  I do not believe that I have a particular fetish, nothing that stands out. 

I am not into bondage, but I am willing to tie someone up or be tied (a little) if it gets them off.

I am not into the Daddy thing, but if you want to call me Daddy then I will not complain at all.

I am not submissive, but I do really enjoy a submissive girl.

I am not into pain at all.  It also leaves marks good for me.

I am not into pee, but I have peed on someone who wanted me was fun watching them have fun with it.

On Fetlife, much like many swinger sites, the community likes honesty and open communication.  So cheaters like me are rather shunned.  My type of honesty does not work, I am honest with the person that I am cheating with but not with my spouse.  That is one reason why Ashley Madison is around, not Fetlife.

Anyway, I don't get many messages or comments, I really don't participate very much on the site, but I did get a message about a possible meet up!  The message clearly says that she is like me and likes a little play while away.  She is also submissive, which I like quite a lot. 

I expect it to be only talking, sharing of kinky stories, maybe a little flirting.  I have never done this kind of hook-up so I am unsure of how it goes.  Better to expect nothing and just go with the flow, then to have high hopes and have them dashed.

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