Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Who should I hire...

Yes I get to hire someone.  Well, not really, I turned over hiring and firing to someone else a while ago, but in the end I really have the final decision.  Someone is leaving on good terms so we need to replace her.  I am happy with the result, she was on the bubble for quite a while but people love her so we kept trying to train and basically built a box around her of shit she can do and took care of the rest ourselves.

So, I get to hire someone.  I do not do the interviews, nor do I look at applications, and that is fine, it is boring work and very frustrating.  I get exhausted looking at misspelled words, badly worded cover letters, the same excuse every time, "Although I do not have experience in the industry...bla...bla...bla..."

Go get experience elsewhere, I need someone that can hit the ground running and make my business even better than it is...

We have had a few people move through the interview process and I have got glimpses of them.  All very qualified but many of them over stating their ability.  That is difficult to tease out, you have to give them tasks or present opportunities and see how they react.  Yes, everything in the interview is a test and scored and on your permanent record.

To be fair we let people know in the interview that we like it when people step up and take the reigns, we basically tell you what we want to see you do, then we give you an opportunity to do it, MANY opportunities...  It is amazing how many people can not pick up on our hints and just sit passively.

Now, the girl today is fucking cute as a button.

Seriously, she could bathe in a thimble and has the cutest eyes that scream, "fuck me." 

Ok, maybe I am just reading into it a little, but she is tiny and cute and tight in all the right places.  If I saw her picture on the internet I would be looking to meet her.

So...I am keeping my distance.  I am letting others make the decision.  I am putting the blinders on.  If she gets hired or not I will have no say in it at all.

Because:  "you don't shit where you eat."

I will not lie, some eye candy around here would be nice.  I have never hired for looks beyond looking professional and clean.  There have been a few girls that I would have loved to see their sweet little asses swaying around the office, but it always has been about all they had to offer. 

It would be nice to get a good combo of smart, motivated, well spoken, organized  and spinner hotness to boot.

We will see....

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