Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Kink of the Week: CUM

So I am inspired to write after reading some other bloggers express their experiences with the stuff.

For a man it is the pinnacle of love making, or fucking.  For women, it seems like most like the stuff, it is a reward, or, depending on where it is deposited, a pleasant humiliation. 

For me it is a frustration.

I am a long fuck, and I tend to be a marathon man.  My fucking can go into an hour long...I used to like it...I thought it was a good thing, something that women would want.  "Strong like bull..."

Actually it is all complete bullshit.  My experience is, while women do not want a quick shot, they also do not want to be banged away for an hour or more at a time.  Even with lube it becomes difficult and even painful.

There is also the athletic and dehydration associated with a long rough fucking.  Leg cramping has been known to happen...try and cum with a hamstring in a knot.  Cumming with cottonmouth and sweat dripping in your eye...not fun.

I believe that the reason for my difficulty has been compounded by my habitual aggressive masturbation.  I squeeze too hard and do not use lube.  It is difficult to find time to get off, my life is busy and filled with people that can walk in at any second.  So when I can get off, I cannot lube up and take my time.  It is a dry palm, a tight squeeze and intense visuals.  I can cum in a matter of minutes on my own.

No pussy, mouth, ass or armpit can compete with the strength and know how of old Rosy...

I have tried to stop, to slow down, to wait a few days if I think I am about to get some.  I wish I was strong enough...after about 28 hours I get so horny that I cannot sleep.  My pillow I hold against me at night becomes the softest and cruelest tease to my cock and I quite literally cannot get a wink of sleep unless I take a moment and masturbate.

Sad to say most of my cum goes in a towel, the sink, or (the worst) right into the toilet.  It is a sad fate for such a wonderful substance.  So deserving of a more glorious place.

I will make a list of the most wonderful places I have cum.  The place is less important than the method for the naming of the place.  What I mean is, when I am about to cum and I ask in my husky "man about to cum" voice..."where do you want me to cum?" your next comment does it all for me...

No particular order:

1.  I was having trouble cumming.  I was laying on my back, she was on top of me facing away...a wonderful position.  I pulled out and started to masturbate, rather than moving she rubbed her pussy against the head and said, "cum on my pussy."  She held her lips open and rubbed the head just inside of her, my strokes got me off quickly and my cum started to erupt.  I expected her to get out of the way but she stayed, her face lit up with a smile as I coated her lips and mons.  When I was done she rolled on top of me, cupped her hand against her pussy and scooped up the cum in her hand.  She looked me in the eye as she put it all in her mouth and swallowed.  Her other hand was getting more...then she took my still hard and sensitive cock and put it back in was dirty, sloppy an wonderful.

2.  Reverse cowgirl was the position.  This girl has a wonderful "Dime Sized Butt Hole" and a perfect body so the position was an absolutely amazing view.  She is also the tinniest girl I have ever been with (except for the midget which does not count) her legs were struggling to spread over my thighs.  She can really move her hips and was fucking me with exquisite gyrations.  I felt the tingle, "Can I cum in your mouth?"  She looked back and smiled, "Let me know when."  She said.   There was a rush of blood to my cock and it swelled, "Now,"  I said.  She must have felt it as she was already dismounting.  Her hand pulled the condom off and she engulfed my cock with her mouth, her hands jacking me off and the other cupping my expert if there ever was one.  I remember a lot of suction...many times a blowjob is just lose and wet mouth, but I remember her actually sucking hard.  I exploded, it lasted quite a while and I rode the feeling of her talented mouth and hands.  When I was finished she stood to walk to the spit and rinse her mouth.  I understood, but still was a little saddened, it makes me feel good when my cum is swallowed...weird...

3.  Someone who I see often, or had in the past.  We had been fucking for quite a while.  It was a hot sweaty mess, we took a water break then were right back at it.  I was afraid that the marathon man was going to take over, I concentrated on her face and her wonderful is nice when I don't have to turn to mental porn...she is porn enough for me.  I felt my balls tighten against me and pulled out.  I did not ask, I also know she likes me to cum in her mouth.  I moved to my feet and she knelt next to me, mouth open.  Usually she engulfed me, however this time she just opened and stuck her tongue out, eyes closed.  I exploded.  Jets of cum painted her face and landed in her mouth.  The vision of what was happening made the orgasm more intense...when I was spent she took my cock in her mouth and sucked the last bit out of me.  Using her fingers she casually gathered up my spunk and licked it up.  It was SO casual, SO natural...I was in absolute love with her...(still am).  I collapsed into the bed, pulling her with me and we kissed.  There was cum on her lip and I licked it off then kissed her deeply, tasting both of us...

I enjoy being careful about my cum.  I do not smoke, I am rather healthy and I try to stay fit.  I drink a lot of water and only 1 cup of coffee a day.  I eat lots of fruit and veggies.  If I know I am going to be having sex, I usually try and eat pineapple or other citrus fruits the day before and the day of, and drink lots of water.

Once a friend of mine gave me BJ and asked me to cum in her mouth.  She smiled when I did and said, "You have a great diet!  You cum tastes a salad..."

It was a nice complement, and it motivated me to always be a good steward of my cum.


  1. i likeyou honesty with this post, and how thoughtful you are about every point...and of course the simple damn sexiness of it!!!

  2. So glad that we got some male point of view posts for this topic. You write with a raw honesty that makes for a intimate and powerful read