Saturday, December 12, 2015

Live Music

I am a big fan of live music...I love music in general but live music and a texture that cannot be felt over the radio.  I am a particular fan on a band, well known.  I spend quite a bit of time listening to the type of music that this band plays.  I frequent a couple bars in the area where music is played live either in the spirit of this band or a direct cover band.  It really makes my week hum when I can go into it after spending an evening dancing and just loving their music. 

I am the only fan in my immediate group of friends..spouse included.  So, my time is spend at these alone...not that I mind...I am a good at being alone, many years of practice.  There are a couple of gals at the bars, they are there all the time, like me.  They are great looking, love to dance and generally seem rather interesting.

I wall flower a bit...but I also dream.

How nice it would be to dance with someone again.

Dancing is sexual, it is liberating, it is erotic.

I have not danced that way in a long time....

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