Friday, March 11, 2016

Kink of the week...Needle play?

Needle Play…

I somewhat understand this.  This is not a current kink of mine, however, in the past I have played with needles.  Not in a sexual way as much as a feeling of power of myself.  The following is true…I have the picture to prove it…lol…

I enjoy piercings.  I do not have any at the present time, they are all mostly healed over.  I have had many parts of my body pierced, everything has been done by me and most of them were not all that well thought out.  My nipples are the best example.

I work in an industry where I have a plentiful supply of needles, big and small.  One day while I was watching porn and masturbating in my private office (how many of us have private office for this reason alone?) I was pinching my nipple and enjoying the small amount of pain/pleasure.  I had an IV needle on the desk that had been in my pocket earlier, sterile and clean.  I got me to thinking.

I finished and put the needle in the drawer, saving it.  Later that week, while I was out running errands, I stopped by an edgy teen something store and took a look at their stock of nipple rings.  I selected a smaller gauge (I don’t need to gauge) and bought them.  I was excited.  They burned hot in my pocket and I kept thinking about them in my desk.  Did I have the courage to go through with it?

I am a needle phoebe.  I prefer to be on the giving end of any needle exchange.  Flu shots, blood draw, anything…I have to breath and prepare.  It is never that bad but I have to control my chicken shit brain before I can take the needle.  It is all inside, I do not let anyone see.

Work was done and all the employees had left for the day.  Going home means I have to be the husband, father, neighbor and all around good guy, no privacy, no safe place to explore my weird sexual side without the risk of a kid walking in, or a judgmental wife rolling her eyes and making me feel stupid and weak.  No, my kink is after hours at the office or done in private with companions who don’t even know my real name.

I broke out the stash of hard liquor that is under the desk.  Put on some porn in the private browser.  A little music and got naked.  As my cock grew harder I oiled up a little and just slowly stroked while looking and playing with my small man nipples.  Soon it was time.  I wanted to do this.

I took the large gauge IV needle from the drawer, washed my hands, put gloves on and used an alcohol wipe with betadine to clean my nipple.  The dark stain from the swab washed away but left a brownish hue to my skin.  I tried to figure out how to get the needle through my skin without going through my nipple.  I needed another tool.

I opened my office door, it was all quiet but I still listened for any footsteps or sounds.  Satisfied I walked, naked, cock hanging hard between my legs to the sterilization room where instruments are kept.  I selected the forceps from the drawer and returned to my office.  Sitting I used them to grasp the tip of my nipple….FUCK…now that was PAINFUL.

I stood and returned to the sterilization room, another smaller needle, lidocaine, and a syringe.  I set up on my desk again and took a moment to watch a little more porn and stroke myself hard, I brought myself to the edge and let go…feeling my pulse race in my ears and watching my cock bounce precum dripping from the purple head.  I love edging.

I washed my hands again, put gloves on and cleaned my nipple once more.  I drew out 1cc of lidocaine and slowly put the needle to my skin about 2cm from my nipple.  It stung and burned as the needle penetrated and the lidocaine infiltrated my tissues, instantly numbing slightly.  I could still feel but the edge was off.  It was pressure/pain now.

The forcep is easier to use and I let it hang from my numb nipple as I readied the IV needle.  Pulling out I selected my path using a mirror to ensure that I was level to the other nipple.  Measure twice, cut once.  I pushed slightly feeling a pinch and deep aching pressure as the needle pierced.  My nipple stretched out with the forceps and I could see my skin on the other side bulging out.  It is amazing how resistant the skin is to damage.

I applied more pressure and still the needle did not move.  I could feel the fibers splitting and moving slowly as the needle began to creep through my nipple.  I felt a rush to my head, was I really doing this?  I moaned in pleasure as the needle started to show on the other side, just a silver splinter winking in the light.  My cock was deflated and dripping between my legs from earlier.

The final push and the needle slid through.  I released and sat back taking a deep breath.  I took my phone and snapped a few pictures of my needle pierced nipple.  The burn was deep now and I felt it pulsing through my chest.  I selected another porn clip and played myself up to full erection again.  I snapped a few more photos with my cock hard…not that I have anyone to share these with.  I would love to have a secret kink friend who would be tickled to get a private photo of a naked, hard, nipple pierced freak in their message box, but I am alone.

It takes a while to get the needle out and the ring through the other side.  That part was not so much sexy as just fucking difficult and frustrating.  I stop and edge again.  It is getting late and I know that my phone will start to buzz with questions if I do not hurry.

I numb the other and repeat the procedure.  This is done quicker, snapping a few photos, but I know what I am doing now.  I clean up the instruments, dispose of my sharps and put everything else in to be cleaned, sterilized and packaged again.  I get a little antibacterial ointment on my way back to the office and applied it to my now pulsing nipples.  The anesthetic has worn off completely and I can feel the raw nerves jump whenever the ring moves.

I browse porn until I find one that has a good finish.  A little more oil and I stroke myself again.  Edging can either have the effect of making it difficult to cum or much to easy.  Luckily it is the latter today and I stand before the prepositioned towel on my desk.  As I stroke faster feeling my body tense, the nipple rings bounce against my chest.  I look down at the red skin and see the metal going in one side and coming out the other and cum.


  1. that was an intense scene! i love the way you describe it...

  2. Fuck that is an amazing story and then end if seriously hot. Go you for doing this, I am seriously impressed. Did your wife ever notice that your nipples were pierced?