Friday, April 22, 2016

Kink of the Week - Any more than a handfull...

Over at Kink of the Week they are talking about Titty Fucking!  I missed a few due to I will pick up here.

Have I ever titty fucked...well, yes I have.  Not to completion, I have not had a 100% titty fucking experience.  It was just a little nibble of it.

Lots of oil or lube must be used.  I prefer grape seed oil, but any will do.  Water based lube that you use for sex will work but I find that they tend to get sticky quickly unless you can keep rehydrating them.  Perhaps it works better in more humid environments, but down in the desert it tends to dry out and make glue rather quickly.

There is not a lot of pressure either.  Titties tend to be soft(er) so you do not get the squeeze that a hand, vagina, mouth or asshole can give.  Now that is nice for the start or a brief interlude but I like a little pressure on the general.  Sure you can squeeze them and hold them, but the oil makes that a challenge.

Another issue:  I like small tits!

I am happy with a flat chest with pointy nipples or just some bumps.  A, B and MAX C is where my sweet spot for visual and mechanical enjoyment rests.  You need at least a C or a fleshy B to titty fuck.  Fake boobs do make this possible but I will go 100% on record for not liking boob jobs.

I have seen, and played with some really nice boobs in my time.  I can only say that ONE was a good boob job.  The rest...I knew instantly and it was a turn off.  I still fucked, sucked and came all over them but I prefer natural.  I KNOW I will piss people off with that statement...I get that some women want them to fit clothes, or because their kids sucked the life out of them, or they lost weight and now have fried egg boobies.  For those people...get a boob your boobs...I will just stick to the granola brand of boobies, you can find a GMO consumer of your chestecles.

I think a good titty fuck shows that you are comfortable with each other and can play around a little...

So, I guess in summery, I vote YA for titty fucking!

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  1. I am with you on the real boobs thing. I like real boobs, they move differently and feel different. I have lost weight and had two kids and mine are definitely not the boobs they were but it is one area of my body that I actually really like and would never consider changing.