Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sex Factor on xHamster

A reality show for sex...why did I not think of that?!?

The show is a bit addictive and a little bit awkward, at least at first.  It is a group of people, some with really bad porn names, competing with each other...literally...WITH each become the next Porn Star!

Each episode they have to do porno stuff on film.  The panel of expert veteran porn stars judge them, them eliminate one guy and one gal each week.  Typical reality show contest shit, why do I even explain this, we all know the drill.

There is one gal on this called Remy LaCroix, well, I am in fucking love with her now.  My kind of gal, a little bit more in the bubble butt realm than I have been attracted to in the past, but she works it so well I think she has converted me.

When I watch theses gals and guys have sex, the good scenes look like when I fuck.  How do I know?  Because I have filmed myself fucking quite a few times.  With a willing partner I can do all of what they do in an hour.  Face fucking, ass eating, fingering, pussy licking, ball sucking, every position under the sun and a great pop shot on the face or in the open mouth.

Granted I am in the room with one (or in one case two) girls, no camera man, no light and sound, no director and key grip...just me and she(s).  I have only had a problem keeping it hard once, and that was due to a cocktail of drugs and sleep deprivation after a BIG bender.  I wonder if I could be hard and pop on a set...not sure at all.

Part of me wants to try.  I am a bit old for generic porn.  I could be the older teacher, dad, neighbor, you get the idea.  My pool boy days are gone, but I could fit a role.  Not sure about the dialog, see my last post on why, but I am willing to learn.  I would need to get in a little better shape, athletic is good but I feel sexier without any gut at all.

I think that is the main ingredient in porn stardom.  Wanting to watch yourself.  There is also wanting to watch others watch you...Online strippers have that magic.  That is where I wonder if I have it...can I watch someone else, watch me fuck and cum.  I make jack off videos for a friend of mine every now and then.  She likes watching them and I like making them.

If you haven't seen the show, watch it here:  Sex Factor

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