Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sick sex

I have been sick.  Very sick.  It happens about once a year or so.  Some bug gets a hold of me and crawls into the depths of my lungs and just fucks shit up.  It started on Thursday night with a little tickle and a cough...nothing much.  I thought I had inhaled some insect spray I was putting down to try and keep nature at bay.

Friday morning I knew it was something different.  I had a full day and could not sleep or rest and by that evening I knew it was not going to be good.  I have spent the last few days in a dark room drinking water, coughing up buckets of shit and sleeping.  Today I feel half normal so I am back at work, however I am now coughing again.  That is the trouble with being the owner, boss, worker and main cog in the machine that runs my financial life, I can't take time off.  I have a prescription on the way, I was finally diagnosed, Walking bueno.

So where is the sex?

I usually get myself off either daily or every other day.  Many days it is two or three times a day.  I don't like those multiple times a day ones, I tend to get a bit numb and that will lead to trouble getting off when I am with a woman.  If I keep it to a light touch and once every other day, I am good.

When I get sick the desire for sex is not there at first.  After a day or two it comes on.  It is the weirdest feeling of wanting to just lay there and die and to release.  As some point my body just tells me, get the poison out.  I am not comfortable, my muscles are sore, my head hurts a bit, I am having trouble breathing without any exertion.

It is like a job, a force of will.  The porn is not sexy porn.  The mental image and story is not well developed.  I just want to maximize visual stimulation so I can cum quickly.  Taboo stuff usually does it:  brother and sister, teacher and student, daddy and daughter, babysitter, neighbor, gang bang, rough blowjob.  I am not proud of what gets me off quickly.

There is the trouble with maintaining an erection while sick.  The exertion and the profuse sweating.  The nagging feeling that I should not be horny like this.  It is never that good.  The release makes me feel a little better but tired, more sick for a while.  However, it takes the desire out of my mind.  I don't have that nagging feeling of horniness.

Tell me I am not alone here...or am I?

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