Monday, July 11, 2016

Slide down my knees and taste my sword.

So the Kink of the Week is Kneeling.  I have never considered kneeling a kink, it is just a thing you do to get lower to the ground.  If my cock is 3 feet off the ground and you are anything over 3.5 feet, you most likely will be kneeling for my blowjob.

Then I started to kneeling kinky, do I have a particular attachment to kneeling or being knelt to?  Surprise, surprise...yes I do.

I like to be in control during sex.  Well, I like to be control in everything to be honest, but sex is one area where I really like to dominate.  Maybe that is the wrong word, dominate seems so harsh. It is more about who chooses the position and when to change.  I have never been with a woman who really took the reigns so I don't know how I would react to being controlled or dominated by my partner.  I will say that resisting me when I want to move to a new position turns me off like a switch.  If you don't want the position than kindly look back and say no with a smile and lets find a new one...but just pulling back and stiffening your muscles so as to not move, ruins it for me.

Back to kneeling.  As a man there is a wonderful feeling when a woman kneels before you and takes your cock in their mouth.  It is even better when you can hold their head in your hands and control the depth and speed of their cocksucking/facefucking/deepthroating experience.  I love looking down at the curves of a woman's back and ass as she sits on her knees, hair cascading and bouncing around as she takes me in.

An even better position is when I take her head in my hand and put her mount on my balls and jack off while she lathers my nethers with her saliva.  The upward looking, cock drunk eyes of a kneeling girl makes me shiver like a sweaty stallion ready to bolt.  It is usually a sure way to make me pop a load in a hurry.  I am visually wired, like many men, and the whole scene is pure porn to my eyes.

I also like the idea of kneeling as being submissive.  I would get off on someone getting off on that...if that makes sense.  Kneeling and waiting for me to use your body, I like the idea of that, any takers???  It would be fun to experiment a little.  Stay in a motionless kneeling position.  Tweek nipples, just a bit of pain.  Some slaps on the ass and legs.

I have had a girl sit on her knees, with her legs spread as I crouched behind her and fingered her to orgasm.  How fun would it be if her hands were not allowed to leave her legs.  She just had to sit and cum.  I like the idea of control on that level, never done it, but I like the idea of it.

When I was young I did not know what a BJ was, it took me a while to figure shit out, I was a late bloomer.  I do remember shortly after hearing the Montley Crue song Tonight (lyrics below).  The song is pure 80's metal sex and I can see why parents had issue with the music we listened to.  When the lead singer belted out "Slide down my knees and taste my sword", and the girl I was attracted to mouthed those words while we danced to the song...I was instantly hard.  I did not get a BJ that night, I believe she was as repressed and frustrated as I was and neither of knew what to do at the time.  The lyric has always stuck in my mind as a wonderful visual.

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Tonight (Unreleased)

By Mötley Crüe
Ninety thousand screaming watts
Honey dripping from her pot
Fill the cup to the top tonight
The deadly sin is all we know
Pleasure victim who's next to fall
The question is will you please us all tonight? 

Tonight tonight tonight
We need a lover tonight
We need a lover tonight
We need a lover tonight
We need a lover 

Stand tall and ring the bell
The final stroke send you to hell
Take your body like a hammer and a nail
The taste of love, it might me yours
Slide down my knees, taste my sword
Can you feel the power inside tonight? 

Tonight tonight tonight
We need a lover tonight
We need a lover tonight
We need a lover tonight
We need a lover 

Tonight, we need a lover tonight
We need a lover tonight
We need a lover tonight
We need a lover
Tonight tonight

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  1. I am totally with you, kneeling to give a blow job is just fucking sexy