Thursday, July 7, 2016

Waking up hard

Every day.  Without fail.

Do women wake up wet?

Almost all my dreams are erotic, I don't have regular dreams.  Even if the dream is not centered around sex and pleasure there is always that element somewhere.  Some are taboo, some are weird, some take an actual experience and rehash it with what I would have liked to happen.  I don't have a lot of nightmares anymore, but even my nightmares had sex in them.

My sister in law who I have hit on many times in a quiet way, she flirts back so it is semi-innocent.  She mentioned to me that when she wakes up she just naturally scoots over and finds her mans cock and sucks him awake.  She loves to have him cum in her mouth or on her face in the morning.  She will finger herself or sometimes fuck him, but many times just give him a good CIM-BJ.

I thought of the times I have woke up with my cock in someones

I mentioned the idea of an AM BJ to my SO and she was not to fond of the idea, she did not rule it out 100% but if looks could talk, hers would have said, "Suck your own morning dick."  I was not surprised, she is a sleeper-inner while I am an earlier-riser.  Still a guy can dream, maybe she will think about it, I do sleep later than her on Saturdays!  I am not going to hold my breath, the other issue is the quality of her head, she gives a "blow vacation", I want a "blow job".

On my own, with no interruption, I can slowly stroke my wood in a half sleep state.  Enter a state of lucid dreaming, where I control the action but my subconscious paints the view.  It can get really erotic and sensual.  When the point of release is close, I usually wake up fully.  I have never been able to have a Lucid wet-dream.

At this point I will usually grab my iPhone and porn it up for a moment.  Eye candy for the pop.  Sometimes I just stop and shower...let the feeling ride.  This will usually result in a day of extreme horniness that will eventually be resolved in a frantic 5 min jack-off in the company bathroom.

Sometimes I just need to get the poison out, clear the head.

Other times I let it build, multiple days of morning wood and play...edging.  It gets to the point where walking and the rubbing of my underwear, tight pants, everything teases me.  Constant state of erection, which can be difficult if I am out in public.  I let it build until all I can think about it release.

When I do cum after a couple of days of anticipation, it unleashes a flood.  I am soaked, everything is soaked.  I rest, then cum again.  It becomes a game of "How much can he cum."  I masturbate 5 to 6 times in a day.

Only then do I wake up with just a resting noodle.  Sore and hungover, I let it be.

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