Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wicked Wednesday #216

#1  The Dinner Party

She set the small framed painting on the table using a small clear folding easel.  The starched white tablecloth with the white round plates, white napkins, silver polished so brightly it reflected white, everything devoid of color so the painting stood out.  "It's perfect," she thought.

She looked that the clock, the food would be delivered soon, she did not want to cook tonight.  The plan was to make everything easy, clear a path for open thought and communication. There was just enough time for her to shower off and dress.  She had done her hair and make-up earlier.

The charm alerted her to the delivery boys and she buzzed him up.  She direct them where to set up and stepped back into her room to put on the final touches.  The charm went off again and her heart jumped, it was time, no turning back now.

The three of them arrived together, all laughter and smiles.  Coats were shed, kisses and the pop of champagne.  Between the food, gossip, laughter and song her big plan was forgotten, not that she minded.  The easy love and friendship was the entire reason she had planned this night.

The night moved from dining room to the couch to the bedroom, as it always did.  Four bodies together no boundaries or limits.  It was an excess of love and pleasure every time.  In the early morning, half asleep and still vibrating she remembered the picture and how it had touched her.

She wanted to share the meaning, how the four of them are one.  How their life together was so foreign to everything they knew and were raised believing.  How freeing it was to let go of those beliefs and create their own reality.  She smiled, feeling the naked bodies of he three people she loved, and loved her.  There was no need to share, they already knew.

 #2  View From the Bed

The rain started as they walked back from the club.  The great thing about the big city is how close everything is, yet how far you must walk.  It was too short a walk for a cab, not that they would find one at this time of night on a side street.  They pulled together into a doorway for shelter for a moment.  Four hot bodies from dancing and tipsy from champagne.

The girls huddled together as their men wrapped arms around them for warmth.  It was not a cold night but the rain had a chill to it.  They laughed together, maybe the rain would let up in a bit.  As if on cue lightning flashed and the downpour deepened.  It was a hesitant but mutual decision to make a run for it.  Cell phones and wallets were stuffed for protection into clutches.

The four of them hand in hand began to run into the rain.  They were soaked in a moment, it was cold but joyful.  Them men began to hoot and yell into the clouds, the girls joined in stomping in the puddles and splashing each other.  They arrived at the apartment completely wet, shivering cold and laughing.

Clothes were coming off as soon as they hurried up the stairs and into their loft.  There were calls for towels, tea and blankets and as they each ran to fulfill a task.  Naked and chilled the girls reunited on the large sofa pressing together with the warm blankets, their with towels wrapped around their heads.  They boys entered with the warm tea, towels in mock turbans, naked, cocks swinging with broad white smiles.

Under the blankets they sipped tea and wrapped legs in silence.  Cold gave way to warmth as the empty cups were set aside.  With hands free and warm the silence was broken with moans and more laughter.  The girls slid under the blankets in unison as their men moved close to shared a kiss of their own.

As it was whenever they all made love they became a group force whose unspoken goal was ultimate pleasure and release for every one of them.  Focus shifted as energy peaked and waned from each of them to another.  It lasted for hours, edging, building, the pleasure peaking until finally the women and men as one came together.  Watching and feeling each other twist in pleasure.

In the warm afterglow, when they could open their eyes, they all seemed to be looking at the same thing.  The painting on the wall that they had found together.  The perfect embodiment of their relationship as they painted a new way in the darkness.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

#1 was a difficult one.  I knew what I wanted to say but I was having trouble saying it.  I wanted to paint a better picture.  I wanted to write the witty banter of four very smart and free people, in my clumsy hands it kept degrading into smut.  Not that I have anything against was just not what I was going for.

#2 feels better to me.  I love the idea of four people, so close, so free with their love and their acceptance that they could have a totally open physical, mental, social...etc...friendship/love.  Earlier in life I would almost experienced this many times but my history of repressive religion and social "norms" prevented me from acting on it.

This can only be a dream now.  I have broached the subject of this to my spouse, her honest response is that she would be too jealous.  When I talk to people or read about open relationships it seems like jealousy is one of the big things that cause problems.

Jealousy stems from low self esteem, from not knowing and loving yourself enough so you look for it from your partner.  It is also about possessiveness, wanting to own someone else.  The stupid thing is, jealousy always tends to push people away rather than draw then near.

The only caveat is that most of what I said applies to unwarranted jealousy.  In the case of a potentially poly-amorous relationship would the jealousy be warranted?

Many people in poly-amorous talk about meeting someone and it "feeling" right, or natural.  Does my desire to look for it, rather than having it naturally happen breed jealousy?  After all, if I was happy, why would I look for it or want it?  Does the jealousy start with me? much to think about today...I don't feel well.

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  1. I can imagine that having an open relationship is not easy. We don't have an open relationship, but my husband loves to watch when other men fuck me. He decides when it happens, etc.
    As for your versions #1 and #2. I liked both, but #2 is great as you use the analogy of the painting in there.

    Rebel xox