Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Really good sex...a narative...a memory...a dream...

It had been a little while since we had been together, absence makes the dick grow harder.  Abstinence from all forms of stimulation created a Himalayan level of sexual tension, it was making me a little light headed.

The usual set up of phone calls and texts to arrange times and places, two busy people trying to get away for a tryst.  I wonder how politicians or business moguls do it?  There is rumor that LBJ had a hooker named Penny brought around from the infamous Chicken Ranch in Texas just for that reason.  Lucky guy...even introduced her as a "friend" to people.  I think they all knew, different times...maybe...I am not that rich.

I always get into preparation mode, work out, drink water, eat good foods (no farts, no reflux), shave the face and balls.  I love showing up with confidence in my body.  It takes a little while but the preparation is almost like mental foreplay.  I will masturbate with a very soft touch and not cum, just edge for days before hand.

With all the preparation I am always nervous that things will get not go as planned and I will end up all clean, shaved, watered, fed and horny as a mofo.  I am also very punctual, 15 min early to almost everything.  I try and delay as the usual is to be delayed for 15 min every time.  Today, however, things work and I drive up, park and walk over to her delay.

I melt over her cute face each and every time I see her.  We are both amped up for contact and we kiss the moment I walk in.  Not just a peck on the lips but a hungry kiss, soft lips, full tongue, hands all over each other.  We part lips but hold each other, I feel her shake as I hold her close to me, she is ready also.

We chat a bit about our lives, catching up, a small vision into the other persons world.  Our worlds only meet in this small unknown room.  A place that is timeless while we are there, but limited by our obligations and relationships in the "real world".  It is an escape to another dimension where we can shed our masks and just be us.

We rinse quickly in the shower.  A good rinse prior to sex is a good confidence builder.  Like washing your hands prior to a meal, well...exactly like that.  We select music, set some water bottles to the side and take a sip of wine.

As I take another sip she goes down on me.  The feeling of lips surrounding the sensitive skin on my cock is amazing.  There is a reserved urgency.  We want it, but we want it to last.  I sip my wine as I watch her, eyes closed, lick and suck every inch of my cock.  Gasping for breath after taking it deep and rubbing it all over her face and lips.  It is dirty and messy, just how we both like it.

I resist guiding her, I do not take control at all.  I want to much to take an handful of hair and press her onto me.  I want to move my hips and hold her shoulders as I feel her surrender to my desires.  We have done it before, often, but this feel so right.  I want this to last, to stay in the moment, so I let her have her fun.

I begin to feel the deep itch of the first signs of orgasm.  I take a while so this is a surprise for me.  I do not know how long she has been at it, no clocks in the room, but I do know it is longer than I ever remember.  She is so attune to my body that I can tell she senses it to and back off with a smile that says, "not yet".

We move positions and I lay on my back as she pulls her leg over my head giving me a wonderful view of what I believe is the most beautiful pussy in the universe.  I am always amazed at how tight and wonderful it looks, the lips are symmetrical and seemed chiseled from marble.  She is wet and I can see her flush of desire.

I want to dive in with force, the hunter/gatherer in me feels the urge to mate.  My animal instincts are to lick, plunge roll in her scent...but I know how she likes it.  I can read her body as well as she can read mine.  It is a soft touch that builds that gets her off, I breath deeply her scent and start slow.

I can feel her as she moans with my cock in her mouth as I begin to taste her.  With something to keep me preoccupied I no longer feel the impending orgasmic rush, nothing like a job to distract the mind.  I lick and suck and tickle just how she likes it, I know because she showed me what gets her going and I have never forgotten.  I keep closing my eyes then opening them again to look at her amazing pussy and asshole.  I want to mentaly record every second of this, not missing a thing.

My finger enters her and she hums nicely as I find her spot, the angel is not great but I work to press and rub from the inside.  I know her so well I can draw a map from memory of the feeling of her insides.  Her lubrication begins to get slicker and better tasting, she is going to cum soon.  From experience and education I know that when things are getting better, don't change a thing.  Same rhythm, same pressure, same place.

She cums, I can feel her holding my cock in one hand as she cries out loudly, she is very vocal, something else I love.  I keep going, feeling her cum.  I never know if it is multiple, or just one long one, or waves of pleasure.  As it dies down I leave the sensitive bits alone and move up to her cute little butthole for a brief kiss and lick.  She groans and puts my cock back in her mouth.

Neither of us seen like we want to change our position so we stay.  I caress and kiss touch her while I feel her sucking me, taking me deep, trying to deep throat and getting very close.  It is a game we play every low can you go.  She is almost getting it all the way in and I love the feeling.  When I feel my pressure begin again I start to lick her to distract myself.

Her taste has changed, it is the lightly sharper flavor of her cum.  I can also feel the sweat between our bodies as she lays on me.  We are slick with it almost like someone put baby oil on us.  Again it is a struggle to keep my eyes open, wanting to see her pussy as I pleasure her but getting lost in my own pleasure.  Soon she is coming again.

When she comes down her weight shifts and she turns around and kisses me deeply.  No more foreplay, she mounts me and my cock slides into her.  She is very wet and I can feel her open to my entire length.  There is no need to ease into her at all with all of our natural lubrication and sweat.

She rides me.  Her legs slide over my body as she squeezes me and roll her hips.  She is lost in pleasure as she grinds on my cock, finding new depths.  I can feel my cock hitting deep, her lips pressing and grabbing at the base of me.  It is hot and slick and wonderful as she grind against each other.  Before long she is kissing me deeply and moaning into my mouth.

I hold her tightly as she grinds, our kisses are deep and wet, both of us breathing heavy with the exertion.  I feel her hips twitch, then her pussy tighten around me as she pushes deep and tenses her muscles.  Her head lifts and she crys out loudly.  I could feel her wetness between us, like a rush of wetness.  I can't explain the rush, the high, the feeling of power when a woman cums hard on is addictive.

I waited until she relaxes then rolled.  She is so sensitive and submissive to my desire it was seamless.  The moment my hips shifted she grabbed my shoulder and shifted with me.  With her weight combined with mine we effortlessly rolled into missionary.  I was moving into her before we even settled.

Her legs moved up and I hooked them under my arms to allow for maximum depth.  Her hands were on my back and ass, pulling me into her and scratching just enough to not make marks...we have learned our lesson.  It was a hot and very humid day and we were both wet with exertion, dripping and sliding on each other.

Her small breasts with hardened nipples responded to my touch and tongue.  She is much smaller than me, penetrating and teasing her nipples at the same time is quite a contortion for me.  I moved to just the tip and slowly teasing.  Her hips rolled, my cock slipping in and out of her.

I sat up and pushed deep again pulling her toward me and kissing her deeply again.  I held her against me tightly as we kissed, my hips rolled slowly, moving my cock into those places that I know make her cum.  I am always shocked with how many times she can cum.  It seems endless.  We kissed, I pulled her legs up to her sides and wrapped my arms around her, constricting and restraining her in my arms.

I have never asked or questioned her about her response to my "body bondage", however she always responds the same...she goes crazy lustful.  I slowly fuck her small body as I hold it tightly and kiss her deeply.  Our sweat drips down and soaks the sheet beneath us.  The heat gets intense and I release and sit up, taking a deep breath.  I grab the water and take a drink, my cock withdraws and I lay on my back while handing her the water.

She drinks quickly and laughs before mounting me again.  My cock is between us as she slides her pussy on it's length.  We talk briefly, both mentioning how good we are at sex, how this is so good.  I slip into her again and hold her hips, guiding her and thrusting upwards.

Soon I can feel her peaking again.  I reach my hands under her legs and lift her up slightly with my arms and begin to thrust into her.  Her hands on my chest holding on as I lift her up and down on my cock.  I know that she loves this feeling.  I believe it is the feeling of being lifted with ease by a man that turns her on so much.  I also LOVE that I can lift her so easily.

She cums on me, the tightness, the wetness, her loud cries.  I release and pull her toward me and hold her tightly, kissing her deeply.  My hand caress her small wonderfully smooth ass and I lift my legs, pushing slowly and purposefully into her.  I know she can feel me swell and she kisses back, holding me close, ready for me.

Ususally when I feel myself starting to cum I speed up, pump faster, cum hard.  This time the feeling is so good I just want to make it last.  I slowly and with force penetrate her.  I can feel every ripple and fold of her, the feeling of "just about to cum" causes me to moan and gasp.  I do it again without cumming, part of me afraid that I will lose the feeling and not cum another part of me afraid that I will cum and lose this wonderful feeling but it just keeps getting better.

My pleasure sparks her pleasure and she starts to tighten as she comes, I thrust slowly again and again and again, after the fourth or fifth or tenth time I feel it start in my back and rush slowly forward.  My skin tenses and my hair stands on end.  I pull her toward me and my body tenses, my muscles flex and pull her into me.  The first pulse shoots from between my legs and explodes, they are slow and intense and seemingly never ending.

We cum together.  In the end we are left gasping and exhausted.  Sweaty and slick and dizzy.  She slumps onto my chest and I release, spread eagle.  My cock is still in her and twitching slightly but neither of us move.  It takes a few minutes before we can move.  I feel a trickle of cum flow down my balls and I love the feeling.

She moves forward and my cock, still hard comes out.  Looking down I see a stream of my cum and her juices drip out onto my cock and stomach.  he rolls and lays next to me, her leg landing in our mess.  She smiled and kissed my shoulder and we recover in each others arms. We both love messy.

Soon shower, dress, talk, water...

Kisses again...

Hugging and holding...

I leave to go back to my life for a while...

She closes the door, back in her life until we can get away again...

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