Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Should I be a pornstar?

The question came up recently, believe it or not.  It would be a way to help someone get some extra money on Clips4Sale.  It would not be my face, just my lower body and cock...really the best part of  Very amateur stuff, but that is what sells, reality porn.

I am rather excited at the offer, although I need to research it a bit.  I worry that on some legal level I would have to provide my name and I do not want that to happen at all.  I have no idea how anyone would find out but I am sure it is possible.

I am sure that it will not actually happen.  It was more of a passing comment with laughter, but I felt that there was a small hint of "feeling me out" for it.  I can't be sure that it was not just me grabbing onto the idea and reading too much into the situation.  Who knows.

I would need to up the workout a bit.  I have been a losing weight lately but not really working out...more of a diet change and stress levels skyrocketing.  With all the work I have been doing there is not a lot of time to sit and eat...not a lot of time to do anything.

I have been too busy to even find time to beat off.  I am either too tired or too busy.  It is a good thing, I was getting a little to used to my hand.  When you "stress masturbate" it tends to be more about the release than the experience.  This leads to the death grip and too much friction.  If you have a callous on your hand...bad shit can happen to the

I remember when I was really stressed a few years ago, I beat off so much I caused a lymph blockage in my penis and got a painful lump.  I thought I broke my dick.  It took three weeks to get right again...scary shit.

With the reduction in self pleasure I am hoping my actual vaginal sex experiences are even better.  When your cock is sensitive and has not been played with the feel of a vagina closing in on the shaft is better than any feeling in the world. I am 

I do not have time to jack off right now

Well...on with my day...

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