Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Sports Fuck

I think mentioned this in the past, however that blog was taken down and lost to the world forever.  This is not a repeat of that post, it is an entirely new least I think it will be.  Who knows, my mind my just spew out the same stuff it did last time, who knows?

I call it Sports Fucking.  I am not sure if the term is mine or someone else's...most likely I stole it somehow.  Not a lot of original content here...sorry.  If I heard it or thought it, either way, I like it. 

Can we define it?

To have long and intense sexual intercourse which can be compared to hard training in gym, running, biking, swimming etc related sports.

Go out on Saturday, pull a girl and take her home. Have some sex with her. Next morning have some more sex and give her good ride for 1-2 hours until you are exhausted. This is sportsfucking. It can also happen any give day and hour, doesn't necessarily have to be on Sunday.
Straight from Urban Dictionary...
I miss it.  It is the kind of fucking that lasts for a long time.  You need a water break, to stand next to the air conditioner and let your head clear for a moment.  You do it in shifts, like hockey, except there is no second's just iron man hockey.
It includes depth of penetration, speed and tempo changes.  Challenging positions, changeups, and aggression are all a part of a good sports fuck.  All body parts are included along with all body juices.  Done correctly you will leave stains and a little damage.
The most important part of a sports fuck is the partner.  There needs to be:
1.  Comfort with your body, sports fucking is generally done in a well lit room.
2.  Lack of inhibition, you need to be comfortable letting it all hang out in different ways.
3.  Either; pain tolerance or lack of painful positions.  This is a difficult one, if you hurt in all positions except missionary...then avoid the sports fuck.
4.  Stamina and/or multiorgasmic.  You either need to be able to cum over and over again (best option for a girl) or have the stamina to NOT cum for hours and hours (best option for a guy) or the ability to do both (the unicorn of sports fucking...stamina and multiorgasmic).
5.  Giving in to over sensation, what I mean is have to be able to allow yourself to be stimulated WAY past your comfort zone.  Most people will push away when the sensation gets to be "TOO MUCH"...if you can just give in to that and let it wash over you...twitching and will experience a high that you did not know existed.
You need time and space for a good sports fuck.  No worry of interruptions.  This has always been the hardest part for me...well...that and finding a partner that can and will sports fuck me.  I am usually limited to an hour...or two...due to funds.  Or I am limited in the space, it is hard to sports fuck in a car.  Or I am limited in interruptions, I usually have a place to be or someone expecting me.
Lately I have been getting back into shape.  With the comfort of my body and my athletic prowess coming back, I am ready for a good sports fuck...I just need a business trip and someone to do it with...

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