Saturday, May 7, 2016

Food for Thought Friday: Boobs

For guy s and girls who like girls – what is it that you like about boobs? Is there an ideal shape or size?
For girls – how do you feel about how you feel about your “girls”? Are you happy with them? Have you always been?
For everyone – do you think the female “chest” has been over sexualised?

 What I like about boobies.  I like the feel of a real boob, it is like firm tofu at first then like Stretch Armstrong when you squeeze a bit harder.  The round shape to the underside of the boob really gets me going.  Side boob is rather amazing when it is just peeking out of a loose fitting t-shirt or spaghetti strap blouse.  Any sneak peek of a boob is rather awesome.

Nipples are wonderful also, they are so reactive.  I can understand how much fun playing with a soft cock and making it erect must be when I compare it to the feeling of a nipple hardening in between my lips.  The whole areola is amazing when it stiffens up or gets flushed with blood when an orgasm hits.  I do like smaller nipples, little pea size is awesome.  I also like when the areola is darker than a girls natural skin tone.  Sasha Grey type nipples...amazing.  However, pale nipples can really get me going also.

When it comes to size I am more of a fan of "less is more".  I do not understand this worlds fascination with huge boobies.  To me it is almost a symptom of mental illness when you have to have large breasts or when your attraction is to large boobs.  If you naturally have large boobs and you like them...great!  I am not one to argue at all, the more confident and sexual you feel with your body, the more attractive you are not matter how off my personal "boobie bell curve" you may be.

Fake boobs do not do it for me at all.  Not a fan.  I have said it before.  I understand why and I get it, but I still do not like the feel of some foreign object floating around in your skin.  I have felt one set of fake boobs that were as real as it gets, still too big for my tastes, but a whole lot of fun on that girl.

So, I guess there is an "ideal" shape and size.  Youthful would be the word for it.  However, I fucking hate "ideal" shit.  I am not "ideal"...I just am.  Like cock size, you need to just be happy with what you got.  Confidence goes a long way.

I will admit to being slightly intimidated by boobs.  While I am really good at licking pussy, I am less good at boob play.  It seems to be a really specific thing.  Nipple play?  How hard/soft?  Sucking, less or more suction?  Whole boob grab...hard massage or gently stroking?  Twisting, pulling, pinching, flicking, kneading, rolling, wet fingered caressing...

Everyone likes something different and you don't know until you ask or try.  I wish I knew more on what the options were.  I could create a flowsheet in my mind and quickly categorize the nipple play that will obtain maximum pleasure.  I need to work on this.

Has the breast been overly America...yes.

When we have to hide everything all the time then it becomes forbidden fruit.  Forbidden things are really desirable...ask Adam and Eve...  It would take a lot of years to get to the point where a co-ed game of shirts and skins would be acceptable.  I am not there.  If you take your shirt off my cock gets hard and my brain and body say "SEX TIME!!!"

Would I be happier with the idea of accepting boobs as body parts in public and sex toys in the bedroom?  Would women be happier being able to let the girls free and not be judged, ogled, or ostracized?

The next generation can work on this shit...I am to old to change a thing...

While we me your tits please!

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