Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Teach me to talk dirty

I struggle with dirty talk.  When I hear my voice say something during foreplay or sex it sounds either too vulgar or too passive.  I am either an asshole or a wimp.

I would like to give direction, strong masculine, sensual and erotic instructions.  I love girls who are submissive, not subservient or groveling or abused.  I love a girl who wants to be controlled and told what to do, and who loses herself in the pleasure and anticipa....

How do you get good at this?  How do you gain the confidence and find the proper words?  Practice I guess...

There are words I stumble over and most likely do not need to be said.


Well, some of them need to, and should be said.

The example I will use, and I dream about:

I dream this but it never seems to come out this way, my voice sounds pinched or nervous...

I am in my dress pants and shirt, tie untied, glass of tequila in my hand, sitting in a leather chair.

She is in a dress, heels, jewelry, small clutch.

Lights are low, but we can still see, lots of deep shadows.  After each of the..commands?  instructions?  I would watch for a minute or more...it depends on her response.

Me:  You should take off those panties.  (Already it does not sound right to me)

Start over....

Me (again):  Let me see your legs, hike that dress up a little.   Higher.....higher....h.i.g.h.e.r.  Turn around.  higher...

Me:  Slip your panties down a little, not all the way.  Turn around and look at me.

Me:  Come closer.

Me:  Slip your panties to your knees.  Turn around again.   Bend over a little, show me.

 Me:  Touch yourself, is your pussy wet?  Show me...  I want to watch you play with your pussy.

Me (after a little while):  Slip your panties all the way off.  Give them to me.

I would take them and smell them, then put them in my shirt pocket.  (Why?  I don't know...is that even sexy?)  Then I watch without touching as she plays with her pussy.

Me: Stop, turn around and face me.  Can you take your dress off, all the way?

She takes off her dress revealing her lacy bra underneath.

Me:  You are look amazing, show me your breasts.

She takes off her bra and sets it to the side with her dress.

Me:  Get your fingers wet again, come closer and show me.

Me:  Taste your fingers, do you like the way you taste?

Me:  Let me taste your fingers now.

She would take her wet fingers and place them in my mouth, I would gently suck and lick them.

Me:  Lay on the bed.  I want you to touch your breasts softly, just caress them.

Me:  Now a little rougher, pinch them a little.  Show me how you like them to be touched and played with.

Me:  Now play with your pussy also, just the outside, no fingers...yet.

Me (when seeing her get more excited):  Don't let yourself cum yet, stop before it happens and take your hands off.

I would watch her almost cum a few times, maybe twice.

Me:  Use your fingers inside now, but still do not cum.

This time I would stand and walk over to her, just close enough but not touching and watch until she stopped again.

Me:  Get on all fours for me, let me see your wonderful ass.  Put your hands between your legs, lay down on your chest a little, ass up in the air.  Give me your hands.

I would then take my tie off and use it to bind her hands together, not tight, just the feeling of restriction.

Me:  Tell me before your cum.

I would kneel and begin to lick her from clit to ass.  Then work on her lips and clit.

Me:  Use your hands, open your pussy and show me where you want me to lick and how hard.

I would watch and follow her finger tips.  Licking, kissing, sucking and following her verbal commands.  When she tells me she is cumming I will slip a finger in and bring her off.  As she recovers I will remove the tie from her hands and let her roll over on the bed.  Then I will go and sit in the chair again, sipping my drink.

Me (once she is recovered):  Would you like to pleasure me?  Come over here and kneel, bring a pillow for your knees.

Me:  When I tell you to stop, you must stop, don't let me cum yet.  Open my pants and take you my cock.

Me:  The rest is up to you.

I would warn her before I came.  I would let her get me close a couple of times.

Me:  Stand up and turn around.

I would take my tie and gently blindfold her then lead her to the bed and lay her down.  I would take a pillow and place it under her hips.

Me:  Wait here for me.

I would get undressed then walk to the edge of the bed and slowly kneel between her legs.

Me:  Take my cock and rub your pussy with it, get it wet.

I would move just close enough to let her rub on the head and shaft but move away from any penetration.  When it just became too much for either of us I would penetrate and slowly fuck until we both came.

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