Monday, September 12, 2016

Clean mountain air story

I like camping, I used to do it quite often.  Hiking and camping was my preferred style.  Internal frame backpack, dehydrated meals, water purifier, one man tent or no tent at all.  I would leave the world for three or four days at a time and just spend alone time in nature...just get away.

Time has passed and camping turned to Boy Scout outings and being an adult and leadership.  I had a lot of fun on those also, I look younger than I am and at that time I was mistaken for a boy scout far too often.  I had fun with the boys, my son, many of which I still have contact with to this day.  They have kids, families,'s amazing how time passes.

Now we do car camping.  Not a whole lot, but enough, we wish we could do more but coaching, school, business, life...gets in the way.  I do like the car camping, it is much more comfortable...usually, as long as the air mattress stays inflated.

With my time off work I decided to do some car camping.  I missed the mountain air and I just wanted to get away.  Originally I planned to go alone, I had invited the wife but she was too busy with other plans.  So, I was flying solo.

Then, I thought, what if I invited a secret friend?  We could go to the mountains, hike, camp, cook, talk, fuck...and nobody would ever know!  I got excited about it...this would be SO much fun.  I have a great friend who has wanted to get out of the city, who complains that nobody likes to camp like she does.

Invitation was sent and accepted with glee.

I cleaned, organized and packed the car.  It is difficult to pack a car for two when you are only going alone without anyone noticing.  I alluded to the fact that we would be going camping together soon and wanted to have everything tested, it worked.  I shopped for food and drinks, packed the cooler and we all ready to leave.

I picked her up, a few delays but noting to outlandish.  It was good to be on the road and out of town.  I travel well with people who are good at traveling.  What I mean is, people who are not assholes in the car...people who can chill.  Well, my friend can chill and we had a blast on the way up. 

It took about 2.5 hours in the car before we found the place.  It was a bit busier than I had anticipated it to be.  We wanted something a bit more secluded and private but evening was coming and we needed to pitch a tent (lol).

We found our spot and I unpacked and set up the cook area while she went for a walk with her dog.  I am particular in the way I set up camp and usually do not need help.  Everyone wants to help but they end up just being in the way, additionally, I do not mind doing it at all, so I send them to have fun or collect wood while I get it all done.

When she returned I was all set to cook dinner.  The sun was setting and I wanted to get things going before I had to light the lantern and start the fire.  In the rush of setting up I realized that we had not even kissed yet, something that needed to be fixed right away.  I stopped everything and took her in my arms.  She smiled up at me, realizing what I was doing.

Our lips always seem to melt into each other.  It is the softest and most wonderful feeling when our lips meet.  It was brief but full of lust and wild abandon, kissing in public...well kind of.  It was a taste of things to come.  We parted and I started to cook dinner.

Great conversation, great wine, great food, easy clean-up and fire started, we settled into our camp chairs and I packed a bowl of the good stuff into my small travel bong.  I used to worry about smoking pot in the woods, like the sheriff and his posse are laying in hiding to catch a couple of hippies smoking the devil's weed.  For a moment I had the same feeling before realizing that with the new laws, non of that really matters anymore, PROGRESS!!

I took a big hit and passed it over to her.  The fire danced and threw shadows across the camp site.  The other camp sights drifted farther away as we smoked, drank and laughed.  I played the guitar for a bit before my fingers would not move how I wanted them.  We were laughing so much it did not matter anyway.

I have not been legit STONED in a while, I usually just get a little high.  Tonight, we were stoned...hard stoned.  It was good shit, not the couch lock stuff, good energetic laughing pot.  I put the guitar away, put on the music and we scooted closer and watched the fire while we talked.

Talking turned to touching, touching turned to kissing.  She stood in front of me and put her leg under the cloth arm support of my chair.  It was a bit of a yoga move at first and we laughed quite a bit.  Her other leg threaded through the other arm support and she sat down on my lap.  I scooted up a bit and it was perfect.

We kissed each other in the pine filtered star light.  The rest of the camp area was bright campfires and dark spaces in between and alive with the sound of the evening.  Music, laughter, radios and children playing night games.  All of it faded away when we started to kiss and grind against each other.

I could feel the heat from her pussy through her jean shorts and panties, I had pulled them as far to the side as they would go.  Her hand was stroking my cock but our jeans were in the way.  She stood and removed her shorts and panties, covering herself with the large hoodie sweater she was wearing.  I pulled my jeans mid thigh and we looked around to see if anyone was watching.

Confident in our privacy I smiled at her and she knelt on the ground in front of my chair, lowering her head to my hard cock.  She is the best cock sucker ever and tonight proved no different.  I looked up into the clear night sky and marveled at the number of stars looking down on us as I felt her push me deep into her throat.  I held her head in my hands as she bobbed up and down in my lap.

A light flashed across our camp spot and we both froze, she reached back to pull her hoddie down over her exposed ass.  We waited and laughed, feeling exposed in the bright light of the car.  We expected it to shut off quickly but it did not.  People were moving around and talking, setting up their camp.

They can't see us, I remarked.  I felt her lips close around me again and I giggled, then she giggled, tickling my head with her tongue.  Almost in unison we mentally said fuck it and she started to suck me off again.

She stood and moved back into positon, putting her legs through the chair again and moving over me.  We both glanced at the car light which was still shining, as my cock pushed into her wetness all our concerns were forgotten.  We gasped and held each other tight as her pussy enveloped and held me.  She rocked gently, trying to be as quiet as possible, her muted cries seemed so loud even in the noise of the camp.

The fire flared behind her, a stray piece of wood catching flame, and silhouetted her in the darkness.  My hands here up her shirt feeling her soft breasts as she rocked back and forth.  I lifted her shirt and exposed her breasts and sucked the sensitive nipples.  I imagined someone watching, just outside our firelight, and it excited me even more.

As I played with her body I felt her building to climax, her pace quickened.  I took her small waist in my hands and lifted her up and down, plunging into her depth.  The feeling of being lifted always gets her off and I instantly felt her wetness flow into my lap and she cried out loudly into the night air.  I could feel myself almost cumming as I slammed her against my cock.

The car light extinguished and we both froze, suddenly aware of where we were.  We kissed deeply and held each other.  She suggested we go to the tent and finish.  We untangled and grabbed the chairs to put them under cover for the night, both commenting on how hot our fireside fuck was.  I squared away the camp and we ducked into the tent.

Clothes were piled into the corner and she fell naked onto the bed.  I kissed her soft lips and moved down her body, wanting to taste her wonderful pussy.  I am not accustomed to hair on a pussy, everyone shaves bald now, she had a short growth all over and seemed a little shy about it.

I smiled and growled, licking her from ass to clit, I like you harry, I like you bald, I said and started to eat her out.  She melted into my hands as she always does, with the thin barrier of the tent we felt protected from view and she became more vocal.  I smiled as I felt her pussy flow with excitement, let the neighbors hear us, I thought.

She came again and I moved to mount her, the air mattress had deflated slightly and it made the move difficult.  It was all lust and desire as we arranged our naked bodies and I sank into her again.  I lifted her legs and began hammering away at her small body.  Just shy of rough is how we both like fucking.  She came over and over, her pussy clenching as she cried out.  Sweat was dripping off my body and I could taste her sweat on her lip as we kissed.

I felt my cum rise multiple times then settle back.  I was too obsessed with the feeling of her wrapped around me and did not want  it to end.  She was breathless and I could tell she was all fucked out.  I tend to outlast many friends and know the signs.  I slowed and she pushed me gently off her.

As I withdrew and rolled to my back she followed, crawling between my legs and taking me in her mouth to finish me.  The thoughtfulness of this act always amazes and excites me.  I put my hands behind my head and looked up at the sky as she expertly sucked and jacked me off.  I resisted the urge to hold her head and take control.  I concentrated on the feeling of her pleasuring me.

It wasent long before I felt my balls tighten.  I am going to cum, I said gasping.  Her strokes quickened and she braced her body, her fingers softly caressing my wet balls.  I gasped and my body tensed.  It was a hard cum and I felt the slow pulse start in my lower back and work around to my ass and balls, a second powerful pulse began as the first jet of blasted deep into her throat, the second following shortly after.

It was too much for her, a rare event and she gagged and coughed, my cum falling around my cock, yet she still pumped as another stream sprayed into the air.  She took me into her mouth again and sucked the last few jets and swallowed.  Exhausted she collapsed next to me.

Our bodies where slick with sex and sweat as we felt the cool mountain air wash over us.  My mind was lost to the sensation of a extremely hard orgasm.  As the world began to return to normal we huddled together, naked skin hot to the touch.  We both remarked to each other how amazing it had been and how spent we both felt.

I pulled the heavy blanket over us and we spooned together and fell into a light sleep.

The air mattress deflated slowly through the night, forcing us together at one point, then putting us onto the hard ground.  I slipped in and out of sleep, waking to see her naked in the early morning light.  Feeling her hold my body in her sleep, her legs twitching slightly.

In the morning we both woke and smiled and cuddled together.  We kissed lightly, each aware and concerned about the possibility of morning breath, but neither really caring all that much.  Her legs wound around me, my morning wood naturally finding her wetness.  I slipped in easily and we slowly kissed and fucked in the dim morning light.

The excitement of having each other in the morning was so novel that before we realized it we came in unison.  I stayed inside her and we continued to slowly fuck.  The sun light brought us awake and a desire for coffee and morning relief made up separate.

Coffee and breakfast in quiet reflection.  I packed the car up and we took one last walk around.  There were pressing things that we both needed to do, the desire to stay and play around in the forest and stream almost got us.  In the end we returned to the city and parted ways.  I inspected the camp equipment, cleaning and repacking everything and ensuring that there was no sign of our tryst.

What a good weekend.

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