Tuesday, September 13, 2016

TMI Tuesday: Thanks Lexi!!

TMI Tuesday

This is a rip of from Lexi at Exploits of Lexi

I just wanted to answer the questions so I copy and pasted...not very original, however, I might be the only person who did it so...second level originality?

1. Sex. What are your areas of expertise?

Fucking.  "This guy fucks."

Can I say all of it?

I believe I am rather good at eating pussy.  I get into it...glazed face by the time I am ready to transition.  I can finger rather well, everyone pussy is a little different but that spot where you curl your finger and just stroke with a little pressure, almost everyone has that spot.

Fucking is my really good place.  I can stay hard and move to almost any position that my body will allow.  I am dominate, I take control and move you where I want you.  Not in a dickish way, if I feel resistance I will not force anything.

Is it weird to think that I can move my hips really well?  I have seen the video of me fucking and I have some great hip action...lol.

2. How long have you been having sex?

I started jacking off in 8th grade, but that is not sex.  Sex did not start until I was 17 years old.  I wanted to start sooner, and almost did once, but penis-in-vagina sex did not happen until after I had my drivers license...sad..

I wonder how much time I have spent having sex?  Like in 75 years of life you sleep for 25 years of it...

A survey said that we spend about .45% of our lives having sex.  So that means at 75 years you would have had sex for .33 of a year or 120 days or about 4 months.  This is based on people having sex once a week.  Not bad...but it could be better...my math might also be wrong, I am not a god damn mathematician.

I would want my goal to be 1% or more at least.  If I could get the gumption to leave my spouse it could only get better.  .45% of 0 is still 0.

3. What time of day do you prefer to have sex?
a. morning
b. afternoon
c. night

I will have sex at any time.  It does not matter to me.  Sex in the morning is such a great way to start the day.  I don't get it enough...

Sex in the afternoon is when I usually get it.  This is because I can be away from the house at that time and not seem suspicious.  Early afternoon is the best as it leaves me time to clean up and get home.

I like night sex, after an evening of flirting and drinking...so much fun.  Hard sex, bask in the afterglow and go to sleep sticky!  It may gross you out but I love being dirty from sex and sleeping in it.  I love waking up the next day to the smell of pussy on my hands and face.  I like feeling my skin stretch and crackle from the dried cum and pussy juice...LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I do not like pitch black room, going to bed, decided to have sex because it is a Wednesday and it have been a while and "we really need to" sex...fuck that shit...

4. Do you charge for sex? Money or some other means of payment?

Reverse that...and yes, I pay for sex.  I use hookers/whores/prostitutes, well, I used to.  Now I just kind of sugar daddy.  It have been a while since I straight paid to play, the atmosphere around here is not contusive to easy transactions.  Law enforcement has really cramped the "hobby", as they call it.  Additionally, I am spoiled/ruined.  I have had the best sex ever with the most amazing sexual acrobat nymph and I can't hope to find better ever again.  It's a problem that will most likely ruin my marriage (not sure if ruin is the right word...it was already ruined, this will just set the house of fire and force a decision). 

5. How long does your average sexual encounter last?

Approximately one hour.  I know this because time is charged in hour intervals.  I can go for a little over an hour, longer if I get time to rest and have a second shot on goal.  One hour is not much time to meet someone, have a little small talk, get naked, suck/lick/fuck/cum, clean up, dress and leave...you have to pay attention to time.

I love having the sugar daddy arrangement.  I can come over and hang out and talk, go to lunch, drink some wine, get frisky and flirt, move to the bedroom and just let things take shape with no attention to time.  Clean up and dressing are not rushed, it is just two friends fucking. 

I have had marathon sessions of sex where two hours later we are drenched in sweat and exhausted.  Those orgasms are the best, big ones...lots of cum...passing out a little and tingling all over.  Athletic sex/sports fucking can only be done with another professional fucker...

I would love to fuck someone who has never been sports fucked.  They have to be a bit submissive and multiorgasmic.  I love it when I am sore the next day and I get a text from the girl saying she is also sore...muscle sore sex...the best.

6. Do you have a safe word? What is it?

I have never had a safe word and I have never been with someone who has a safe word.  Most of my sex does not include anything where someone would need one.  I do not do bondage, well...very light bondage.  I do not do rape play or any forced sex.  I do like the dom/sub stuff but very light, more like CEO and Secretary...

I agree with Lexi in that all you have to say is "No"or "Stop" at any point and it is over, no questions asked.  If I even feel you move a bit, push against me, dry up slightly, cringe with your face, wrinkle your brow...I will stop and ask if something is wrong.

My pleasure is in strong part derived from my partners pleasure.  YOU have to be enjoying yourself in order for me to be enjoying myself.  Even in situations where my playmate wanted something a little too rough, I had to REALLY be convinced that this was for their enjoyment and pleasure.  I have slapped, smacked, choked and pissed on a person, but it was always with them wanting it WAY more than I wanted it.  That type of concentration on ensuring that I am hurting you the way you want/need without HURTING you is tough and tends to turn me off.

If I had to have a safe word it would be a phrase, "Get that banana out of my ass."

Bonus: Ever had sex so good you broke things or something?

Hell YA!

The first 5 or 10 times the Spinner and I fucked we broke her bed, we did not even stop when it happened.  I have such fond memories of breaking that bead!  We also overturned her couch once, knocked a picture off the wall, spilled wine all over the place.

Before her I am not sure if I ever broke anything other than a cherry...  ;-)

I almost broke my dick once, it scared me to death.  I wondered how I would explain getting my dick broke while I was "at the gym".  Good thing we were lubed up with all the sex grease and I just slipped on up her twat to safety.

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  1. "My pleasure is in strong part derived from my partners pleasure. YOU have to be enjoying yourself in order for me to be enjoying myself."
    Amen to that :)