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Story: Visiting the preacher

In an effort to overcome the previous rather depressing post I give you an erotic story:

Visiting the preacher

I am not a religious man, I do attend church regularly however it is only to placate my wife, who is an avid churchgoer.  She was raised a southern Baptist and while she did stray in her college years, quite a bit, once she had kids she returned hard fast to her roots.  I had met her in college while straying.

I do love my wife, she is kind and giving and dedicates a lot of her time to her community and church.  She is a wonderful mother to our three kids and a great neighbor.  As a wife she takes care of meals, the house, and organizes our lives.  

The big news in our congregation was the new preacher and his family that had moved in recently.  Our old preacher had decided to go on an extended mission in Africa after being “Called by god,” on a trip we took there the year before.  Since his departure, and the new preacher taking up residence, there was a mad rush to be one of the first families to break bread with them.

We ended up being third in the pecking order, much to my wife’s chagrin.  I could have cared less but I kept up the pretense of quiet interest for my wife’s sake and to avoid any arguments.  She was filling me in on the particulars of their family.  They were from Northern Virginia, oldest son had stayed there in order to finish high school.  Their daughter had switched colleges and moved with them.  I ignored most of it other than noting that she was attending the same college where I taught.

It was a short walk to the preacher's house, they had taken residence in a church owned house that the last preacher had occupied.  It was large and expansive, built for a family with many children.  I had been in the house a number of times and always appreciated the architecture and d├ęcor.  The yard was the envy of the neighborhood with it’s expansive garden in the back leading to the church on the other side of the block.

I was carrying the tray of cupcakes in one hand and a steaming dish of vegetables in the other as my wife strutted up the walkway.

“Remain interested and let’s try and plug the ladies auxiliary as much as possible so he has it in his ear when it comes time to replace Linda.”  My wife was saying.

“Yes dear,” I answered obediently, wondering how long this evening would last.

Doorbell, warm introductions, hugs and handshakes we were whisked into the home of the new preacher.  He was not a large man but had very intelligent eyes and a sternness about him that was almost instantly off putting to me.  His wife was breathtaking even in the very plain, almost 1950’s type dress she was wearing, taller than him and quite.  I would have never marked them as a couple if I saw them on the street.
The daughter Sara was the last and seemed almost as disinterested in the meeting as I was.  She was wearing a full length plain jane dress with a lace collar, again from what seemed like the 1950’s.  You could see her mothers looks in her young face and was also very beautiful.  We adjourned to the front room while the women took the food to the kitchen.  Sara melted into a corner in the library room with a book.

The preacher and I were talking, well, he was talking, I was listening and occasionally answering with a grunt.  He was showing me his collection of old bibles when I mentioned that I collected coins.  Just a dumb hobby but I enjoyed it.

“Sara is our little coin collector,”  He pointed to her in the other room.  She looked up when he mentioned her name.

The phone rang and he stepped to answer it as I walked to the next room.

“So, you're a coin collector also?”  I asked Sara.

Sara nodded, “Yes, I have a few.  It’s a dumb thing really.”

I smiled, “I agree, it’s dumb but I like looking for them.”

Sara smiled back at me, “Exactly, it’s like a little treasure hunt.”

I smiled back, “What is the oldest coin that you have?”

Before she could answer her father walked into the room, Sara seemed to shrink back from him as he approached, not in fear but in dismissal and annoyance.

“I have to go to the church, there is an emergency.”  He said sternly.

“Ok, I was just talking to Sara about her coin collection.”  I said.

“Good, Sara why don’t you show him your collection while I am away to pass the time.”  He turned on his heel and walked to the kitchen to inform his wife.

Sara watched him go with a scowl on her face.

“Everything ok?”  I asked, “you don’t have to show me your coins if you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s fine."  She said but sat still on the chair and hid behind her book.

"So, what are you studying in college?"  I asked.

She shrugged, "I have been just getting my required stuff out of the way, I am still undeclared."

I nodded in understanding, "Is there anything that interests you?"

"Well,"  she began, "I was focused on cheerleading mainly but I had some trouble and lost my spot on the team.  I am sure you know all about it."  She said with an eye roll.

"Actually I don't,"  I answered, "I stay out of the gossip."  I had trouble seeing her as a cheerleader.  While she was very petite the frumpy dress and lack of make up did not fit the typical cheerleader image. 

"Well,"  she said with a sigh, "Let's just say my father did not approve of me making the team."

"That sucks,"  I said without thinking.

"Yep, it does."  She answered, "and now I am stuck down here."

"I work at the college, I mean I teach there.  I could show you around a bit and introduce you to some of the different departments so you can maybe decide on a major."  I offered.

She smiled at me, she did have a very pretty and disarming smile, her whole face seemed to change.   "What department do you teach in?"

"Physics."  I answered.  "Really nerdy stuff."

She giggled at my answer, "Well, nerds are cool."

"I am glad you think so,"  I smiled, "I like being a nerd.  A coin collecting nerd."

"Me too,"  Sara set her book aside and looked at me for a moment with a quizzical look on her face.  She then stood and extended her hand.

"Let's go look at my nerdy coin collection."

I took her hand in mine and followed her to the stairs and up to the second level and into her room.  As I walked in, she released my hand and shut her door behind us.  I was a bit thrown off by it, being in a girls room with the door closed was not the best idea.

“Should we leave the door open?”  I asked her.

“No,” she answered, she turned the lock, “when my father leaves for an emergency he takes a least an hour.  Mom will open a bottle of wine and sit out back with your wife until he gets back, so don’t worry.”

“Ok, but does the door need to be closed and locked?”  I asked.

“My coins are hidden and I don’t want anyone to see where, so I have to close and lock the door.”  She smiled at me from the doorway.  I was now very nervous, there was a twinkle in her eye that was not there downstairs.

“This house is really cool, and it has a few secrets.  If you promise not to tell anyone I will show you where my coins are hidden.”  She walked toward me, looking me in the eyes the whole time, I backed up as she got near.  When she stopped I was backed against the wall and she was very close and looking up at me with her cute blue eyes.  Her head only came to my chest.

"Do you promise not to tell,"  she asked.

“I promise.”  I croaked out despite my inclination to walk out of the room.

“Great, follow me.”  She walked toward her closet and opened the door.  I hesitated then followed, curious as to where she was going.

She slipped into the closet ducked down under her dresses that were hanging in the back.  I ducked down and looked into the dark.  Her hand reached out to take mine as I heard what sounded like a door open.  She pulled me to where she was, and I could see a small door that was hidden as part of the wall in the back of the closet.

She smiled then pushed open the door and walked through.  I crouched and moved through the door in the pitch black.  A small lamp switched on and the room was illuminated.  It was a small room that had no windows.  There was a desk, a table, a small couch and an end table.  You could see how this room could be hidden in a house this large, it was amazing.

Sara was at the desk smiling.  “What do you think?”

“Amazing,” I answered.  It was like being a kid again and finding a treasure.  “I would have never imagined this being here.”

“I know, I found it by luck when we moved in, it is the coolest thing.  I keep my coins in here.  I even found some in this old desk with some other stuff.”

She motioned me over to the desk and where she was standing and opened a drawer.  She pulled out a cigar box and set it on the desk.  I took a seat in the swivel chair in front of the desk and opened the box.  There were quite a few old coins and I picked one up to examine it.

Sara stood next to me as we went through each coin, noting the date and where they were from.  She knew quite a bit about them and how much they were worth.  Her collection was small but impressive and I mentioned that even though mine was bigger, hers was most likely worth more.

“Oh, let me show you something else, I got a new dress the other day.”  Sara walked to the door and reached into her closet pulled out a dress on a hanger.  It was a small church type dress that was not much different than the one she had on.  She held it up for me and smiled.

“It’s very nice,”  I said not wanting to say anything bad about the plain dress that she seemed so excited about.

“You're funny,” she smirked at me, “this is not the dress, I just wanted to see what you would say.”  Sara reached under the dress on the hanger and pulled out a small silver piece of fabric and held it up.  “This is my new dress.”

She tossed the old dress on the floor and held the silver fabric up.  It was a tube dress, even with her small size I could see that it would barely cover her body.  I was also instantly aware of how improper this all was.

“Uh, I think I should be going.”  I said.

“Don’t you want to see in on me?”  Sara said.

“Sara, I don’t think that would be proper.”  I answered standing.

“Oh, you're right.  It’s not proper at all.  If my mom or your wife found out that you were in here with me, it would look really bad….for you.”  Sara smiled at me, “but if you just sit down and don’t say anything, then nobody will ever know and we will not have to worry about you not looking proper.”

I sat down, a little stunned by her direct threat.

Sara smiled at me again, “I really want to show off my new dress, so just sit and watch.”

She set the small silver outfit on the couch and started removing her dress.  “I have not been here long but I found a good friend who knows of some raves here.  When I saw this dress I just had to have it.  Have you ever been to a rave?"

I shook my head no, unable to talk.  I knew I should look away but I could not bring myself to do it.

She slipped the dress off her shoulders revealing a small white bra with flowers.  She was talking about her friends and parties at the college but it was all lost to me as the dress fell to the floor.  Her matching panties and knee high white socks with the black shoes were all I could concentrate on.

She stepped into the small silver dress and pulled it up in a bunch to her hips, stretching the thin fabric.  She reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor.  Her breasts were perfectly sculpted and tipped with small pink puffy nipples.  I watched breathlessly as she pulled the dress up over them, leaving one small nipple peaking over the top.

She then hooked her thumbs in her panties and slipped them down to the floor.  She was shaved and smooth, something I had only seen in porn online.  She pulled her dress down over herself and arranged it.  It came to just above her mid thigh.

“So what do you think?”  she said with a smile.

“I don’t know what to say.”  I croaked out, my mouth dry.

“Do you like it?”  She turned slowly around, her small butt was clasped in the silver fabric.  “Oh, hold on.”  She said and sat on the couch to removed her shoes and socks.  I could see her pussy as she sat, I tried to look away but I could not.  Despite the danger, my body was reacting to seeing such young perfect flesh.

With her socks and shoes removed she stood again and smiled at me.  I took in her body, her smooth legs and the small nipple barely peeking over the top of the dress.

“Oh, I almost forgot.”  She bent over and reached under the couch, her pussy was clearly visible.  I could see a hint of moisture between the tight lips.

She pulled a box out and sat on the couch.  “Shoes,”  she said with a smile.

The shoes were black, with silver studs, high heeled and platform...stripper shoes.  She laced them on her feet and stood.  It added at least three inches to her just from the platform.  

“Stand up, I want to see how tall I feel.”  She stepped toward me and took my hand, pulling me to my feet.

I stepped backward against the wall as she approached me.  She lightly pressed her body against mine and looked up.  Her face was now just below mine, she smiled, flashing her perfect white teeth, then turned to the desk.  She picked up a small purse, opened it and removed a hand mirror and makeup.

“Dad does not allow make-up, but the outfit is not complete without it.”  She applied eyeliner and mascara then turned back to me.

Here eyes were now even more amazing.  The lashes seemed longer and were like little black stars surrounding her eyes.  She stepped toward me again.

“These shoes make me the perfect height for you, don’t you think?”  She said.

“I don’t understand,” I responded.

Sara reached up and put her hand behind my head and pulled me toward her.  Her lips pressed against mine in a soft kiss.

“Yes, perfect height for this.”  She breathed before kissing me again.

I could not resist and found myself kissing her back, feeling her soft lips against mine.  Her lips parted and her tongue pressed into my mouth.  Her taste was so fresh and young.  Our tongues played and I closed my eyes, it had been a long time since I had a first kiss.

She let go of my head and stepped back looking at me with a smile.

“I don’t understand why you are doing this.”  I said again.

She ignored my response, “One last test.”  She hiked up her skirt, exposing her pussy and ass and squatted down in front of me.  Her hands were at my waist and her head was level with my cock.

“Yep, perfect height.”  I tried to resist when she reached for my zipper but a stern look from her and I stood still.  She looked me in the eye as she reached in through my zipper and into my boxers.  Her small hand found my hardening cock and she gasped as her hand enclosed around it.

She pulled it through the zipper and released it.  Her face was flushed and she seemed in a bit of a daze as she stared at my cock.  She looked up at me and leaned forward and opened her mouth and extended her tongue.  She licked the tip a few times.

“Tasty,” she said with a smile then leaned forward and placed her mouth around the head of my cock, sucking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it.  I gasped and felt my cock swell in her mouth.  She released and slurped up some spit that dangled from the head of my cock.  My cock had swelled to almost full hardness and she reached her hands up and stroked down its length.

I moaned and flexed my cock to her touch.  It had been a long time since anyone had touched me this way.  I spread my legs to get a better angle to my cock.  She smiled and leaned forward, taking my cock into her mouth again.  Instinctively I reached and cupped her small head in my hand and guided her.

She gagged slightly as she went deeper on my cock and I released my hand.  Her eyes watered slightly and she pulled back and took a deep breath.

She took my hand and put two of my fingers in her mouth.  She wetted them and sucked on them before forcing them backward into her throat.  I could feel her gag a little as they slipped past the back of her throat, she paused then pushed deeper, gagging hard but holding them there for a moment before releasing.

“This is suppose to desensitize the gag reflex,” she said with tears in her eyes and a smile.  “You do it to me.”  She released my hand and started to stroke my cock.  I reached my hand behind her head as she opened her mouth to my fingers.  I stroked her tongue with my fingers going back in her mouth deeper.  She gagged slightly and I released, letting her breath.  She sucked my fingers and I pushed deeper again, she breathed and relaxed in my hand as my fingers extended past her throat.  I could feel her twitch a little as my fingers extended deep in her throat.  She gagged a little and I held until she shook her head for me to release.

“Try it now,”  she said moving to my cock.  She placed my cock in her mouth and moved down.  I felt the head press against the back of her tongue and placed her hands on my legs.  I cupped her head again with my hands and pressed slightly.  The pressure released and my cock slipped past her throat.  She gagged slightly and I pulled back.  She put her hands behind my legs and pulled deeper despite the gagging and I felt my cock slip into her throat again then slip deeper until her small nose pressed against my pants.

She held for a moment then released and gasped, looking up at me.  “Oh my god, that is wonderful.”  She took a breath and pressed against my cock again, the pressure building and then giving way as I slipped down her throat.  She held for a moment as she gagged then released again.

Spit was dangling from my cock to her lips.  She gathered it in her hands and smeared it on my cock, stroking it with her hands.  I reached down and slipped her dress below her breasts, she smiled up at me as I pinched her small puffy budding nipples and played with her small breasts.

“um, can you...face fuck me?”  she asked.  The profanity sounded unfamiliar to her and I could tell it excited her to say it.

I nodded yes, not trusting my voice to even work.  I took her head in my hands and brought my cock to her lips.  She opened her mouth and closed her eyes, concentrating.  Slowly I placed my cock in to her open mouth and moved in and out.  I did not go too deep, staying shallow for my first thrusts.

The excitement of the whole situation had me harder than I had ever been before.  Her hands moved to the back of my thighs and she gripped tightly.  After the first few shallow thrusts I pushed deeper feeling her throat open for my cock.  I moved smoothly in and out of her throat.  Here eyes were closed and she seemed almost in a state of bliss as I increased my tempo slightly.

She pushed back and I withdrew from her mouth.  Looking up at me she took a deep breath, “Rougher, really, I want a face fucking...don’t worry about being gentle.”

I shook my head in disbelief, what kind of girl wants a face fucking?

She closed her eyes and moved her mouth over my cock again.  I grabbed her head and wrapped my hands around her soft hair.  I had had fantasies over this and had watched a lot of face fucking porn but never thought I would have an opportunity to actually live the fantasy.

I pushed my cock deep into her throat, she gagged slightly but kept her eyes closed and relaxed.  I pulled out and fully and she tooth a breath.

“Ready?”  I asked.  She nodded with her eyes closed.  I placed my the head of my cock in her mouth and slowly slipped it halfway in then gripped her hair tighter. I pushed forward quickly my cock bouncing off the back of her throat before slipping down.  I withdrew and thrust forward again, pulling the back of her head until her nose was buried in my stomach.  I withdrew all the way and she took a deep breath, before she could breath again I was in her mouth thrusting deep and quick.

Her hands were squeezing my legs as I thrust roughly into her mouth, tears were flowing down her face with her mascara.  I pumped faster into her mouth, occasionally going all the way and holding her against me.  I felt myself getting near to cumming and I quickened my pace a little, steadily pumping my cock into her sweet little mouth.

Just as I felt the point of no return approaching she pushed away from me, my cock sprung free and bounced with my pulse.  She stood slowly, spit dripping down her chin and onto her chest.

“Holy shit that was intense,” she wiped her face with the back of her hand.  “Your cock got so big, it felt like it was swelling twice it’s size.”

“I was about to cum.”  I answered, a little frustrated with my excitement.

“Is that what happens when you cum?  It get’s bigger?”

“I guess, I can’t tell, I just know I was about to.”

She smiled at me, “well, I am glad I stopped you then, I want to watch you cum.  But first I want you to do something.”  She stepped back and sat on the bed.  She took a small pillow and set it on the floor and smiled at me.  “For your knees.”

I understood what she wanted and stepped over to the bed and knelt on the pillow.  There was no more resistance, I did not even think of where we were, I just wanted to taste her.

She scooted back on the bed and opened her legs.  Her pussy was glistening and puffy with excitement.  I leaned in and put my hands under her small thighs.  The smell of her excitement was sweet and tangy, my mouth watered in anticipation.

I kissed her leg and ran my tongue up the sensitive skin to her pussy.  She was watching me intently with her mouth open, her breath coming in quick short gasps at my every move.  I placed my tongue on her small pussy and licked up, flattening my tongue.

“Oh my god,” she said.

I licked again and felt her twitch when my tongue rolled over her clit.  With soft lips I then kissed her clit and let my tongue make out with her pussy.  Her legs spread wider as she rolled her hips up to my mouth.

I pulled her down to the edge of the bed and put one hand on my cock, stroking slowly as I dipped my tongue into her little tight pussy hole.  She tasted so wonderful and her juice was so thin and slick and copious.  She started to shake and moan a little as I licked her clit.

I jacked off slowly as I ate her pussy.  I wanted to fuck her so badly but she was clearly in control.  I brought my free hand around and put my thumb on her pussy, pressing gently as I licked her.

“Yes, that feels so good.”  She said, I looked up and her face was flushed.  She was just so damn young and cute.  I pressed my thumb a little more and the tip slipped between her lips and toward her hole.  It put her over the edge and she tensed up and started to cum.  I kept the pressure on her clit with my tongue and pushed a little more into her tight hole, but I let her control the movements with her hips thrusting in the face.

She groaned softly, trying to be quite as she came into my mouth.  It felt like multiple orgasms washing over her and I could feel her pussy gripping the tip of my thumb.  As her movements turned to twitches I licked again, hungry for more.  She hissed and another orgasm washed over her.

"Too much sensitivity," she said and pulled back a little.

I sat up on my knees, my cock was hard as a rock and with the low bed it lined up with her pussy perfectly.  Without asking I pulled her to the edge and rested my cock against her pussy.

I slipped my cock over her slick pussy.  She rubbed her hips up and down as I thrust between her wet pussy lips.  It was as close to fucking as I was going to get, but it was more erotic.  My cock was huge compared to her little cunt.  It was so smooth and slick.  I was already ready to spurt and she sensed it and sat up a little.

With a smile she leaned forward and let a long drip of spit dangle from her lips and onto my cock, it was pressed against her pussy hole.  The spit landed on my cock head and her clit.  I tensed and felt my cum start to shoot from deep within me.  With a grunt I felt my cum surge, the first spurt was directly against her pussy hole, it went inside of her and she took a deep breath in.  The second spurt followed the first, with my cock head pressed against her pussy hole it was filling her vagina with my cum even though I had not penetrated her.

She rolled her hips forward and my next spurt sprayed up her pussy and to her stomach.  I grabbed my cock and stroked it, letting another spurt fly over her chest.  Standing quickly I aimed at her face and she opened her mouth with a wide grin.  My last two spurts were direct hits on her tongue and face, trailing down her chin.  She leaned forward and took my sensitive head into her mouth.  It was too much and I tried to pull away but she grabbed my ass and dug her fingernails into my flesh, holding me as she sucked the overly sensitive head of my cock.

It was too much and I struggled to move with out having her scratch me but I could not.  I tried not to cry out with the pleasure/pain that I was feeling.  For about 20 seconds I was overloaded with incredible sensitivity, I felt a throbbing deep in my body.  Without warning I came again hard.  I could not hold my voice back and I cried out a little too loud.  I covered my mouth with my hand and bit my palm as my body cramped with pleasure.  She continued to suck my cum down and swallow it.

As abruptly as it started it stopped, my cock quickly softening.  She continued to suck it limp and swirled it in her mouth.  It felt wonderful and almost numb.  She continued to suck for a few minutes then released me and sat back.

"That was amazing!"  She smiled at me and licked her lips. "Now lick me clean."  

Without question I leaned forward and licked her pussy, tasting the salt from my cum and the tang from her pussy.  I licked and sucked her mound and stomach, putting my tongue into her bellybutton and making her giggle.  I sucked her nipples hard, making her gasp.  She leaned forward and brought her face to mine.  There was one glob of cum on her lip and I sucked it up as our mouths met and we kissed passionately, sharing each others flavor.

Leaning back she smiled.  "Get dressed, we gotta get downstairs."

She stood and slipped out of her dress and tossed it on the bed.  Her shoes followed and she stepped into her dress and pulled it up.  I stood and did my pant up as she arranged her hair.  Her make up was still in rivulets down her face.

"Your make-up"  I said.

"I know, follow me."  She smiled and stepped out of the secret room and into her closet.  I followed and closed the door behind me.  In her room she walked over to another door and opened it, there was a small private bathroom.  She stepped in and washed her face quickly, removing the makeup and the evidence of our encounter.  I stood uncomfortable, the reality of where I was and what had just happened sinking in.

She walked to her bedroom door and smiled at me.  "Wait here while I see that the coast is clear.  Walk downstairs and into the bathroom to the right.  Wash your face, fix your hair and shirt.  Put on a smile and get ready for dinner."

I nodded in answer, she opened the door and looked out then waved to me.  As I walked by the door she pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips.

"And thank you."  she whispered.

I walked out the bedroom door and she closed it behind me.  With shaky legs I walked down the stairs and entered the bathroom she had directed me toward.  I closed and locked the door behind me.  I turned the water on and looked at myself in the mirror. My face was flushed and my hair was a mess.  There was some black makeup on my cheek, her eyeliner that had run.

I washed my face with some water and took another deep breath.  My mind was starting to race in circles. 

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  1. Damn that was hot. Well written.

    And I knew a preacher's daughter by that name. I believe she'd be the same type. Which makes this story even better for me.