Thursday, June 2, 2016

Writing stories

I write a lot of stories.  Not many are available to the public, only two that I know of.  I must have at least fifty on my personal computer, locked in a place that nobody can find.

One was written years ago, it is book length.  I once let a neighbor read it, she loved it and her husband told me he walked in on her masturbating to the words that I had written.  That was a huge complement, getting someone off with the words that I write.

I have thought about sharing them but some are rather taboo, they are fantasies for my eyes only.  When I write them I see a picture playing out in my mind like a movie, I am just trying to describe what I am seeing.  Sometimes when I am writing in the third person I will get so involved that I start to write I for the character, mentally I become them.

Many times I have to stop to masturbate, I cannot continue with the built up sexual tension clouding my vision.  It is usually only after the character has cum.  If I do it before the character I lose the feeling and cannot envision the scene in my mind.

I have always wanted to share, I miss Flash Fiction Friday.  It was my once chance to share some of my sexual mind and get some feedback from real people.  If it is still out there let me know, if not I should start to do my own just to stretch the writing muscles again.

The story I am working on now was prompted from real life.  I was driving through the city past a public park.  I saw two girls walking hand in hand, they were teenagers, looked like sisters.  For some reason they looked homeless to me.  Across the street was a man in a suit walking with a briefcase, looked in his early 20's.

The story started to form in my mind on a long drive.  It is the usual, girls in distress, white knight saves them, feelings form, a crisis evolves, they have to pull together to solve it, they live happily ever after.  Add some spicy sex and viola, a sexy novella.

I have others:
  • A new preacher moves to town and the secretly slutty daughter seduces the dad next door.
  • Couple goes on vacation and has a sexcapades with another couple changing their lives and saving their marriage.
  • Man and woman in Las Vegas get into a three way accidently only to find out that the hooker wants to get paid...twist, she has a pimp and wants out.
  • Younger brother is rewarded for keeping quiet about a party by having his sisters friends pleasure him.
There are a lot, I enjoy writing and reading them.

I do wonder what will happen if (well, when) I die.  Will my kids search my computer and flash drives and find these stories.  What will they think?  What would my wife think if she found them?  Should I have an exit strategy?  I do not have a close enough friend that I trust that could do the "post-mortem porn purge".

I have considered posting some of my finished stories here as pages, I did once before on my old blog.

Does anyone else write long stories like me?

What do you do with them?

Do you enjoy others reading them?

Do you enjoy reading other's stories?

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